Monday, February 13, 2012

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse Review

Half a century later and Barbie continues to captivate little girl's hearts everywhere.
And just when you think Barbie has set foot in all the lovely houses out there, comes along the Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream TownHouse, an extravagantly decorated, luxuriously furnished townhouse set in luscious classic Barbie pink.
Pretend play and role-playing have never been this fun with the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream TownHouse. It's not just your regular doll house. This one has fully-functional lights and real sounds on each level. Barbie's delightful domain is adorned with classy chandeliers, a fireplace, tiki lights, and a refrigerator-all of which wondrously light up as if real.
The sounds, on the other hand, include the ringing of the doorbell, the roaring and crackling of the fireplace, the kitchen timer, the toilet flushing, and even Barbie "humming" in the shower as well. Together, this play of light and sound adds a nice touch of realism to the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream TownHouse.
The townhouse really is a haven fit only for Barbie. She surely has never felt this pampered and regal. The townhouse is so fully-equipped and well-stocked (the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream TownHouse comes with over 55 various pieces and accessories), you'd wish it were a real house you can live in instead. But for now, Barbie reigns here, and she loves it.
Perhaps, the classic Barbie pink color says it all: posh, dainty, luxury, drama, and free-spirited fun. Little girls will have countless fun with their favorite Barbie dolls as they waltz inside her humble abode, complete with an enchanting fireplace, pop up flat screen TV, a canopy bed, a lavish bathroom, and even an outdoor whirlpool tub for entertaining her guests.
And because Barbie deserves it, there's a pink personal elevator too, (which goes up and down at the pull of a string), so she can breeze into any room in her townhouse all she wants.
The Barbie Pink 3-story Dream TownHouse is every little girl's wish. Elaborately-detailed and elegant, the townhouse is where your little girl can fully fulfill all the wonderful stories she and her friends have been crafting about Barbie's luxurious lifestyle and vibrant spirit. Barbie can play hostess and whip up nice dishes for her guests, hang out with them at the outdoor spa, watch chick flicks with them in the entertainment room. Or if she'd rather be alone, she could snuggle up with her favorite romance novel on her comfy bed fit for a queen. Who knows, the doorbell just might ring as Ken drops by, flowers hidden at his back for surprise.

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