Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diversions, Distractions, and Drama

I keep asking the same sorts of questions whenever I write: "How's 2009 working out for you?" If you're a 'boomer, you're in or beyond midlife, and what's going on in the world markets today are doubtless having a really negative impact on you, your family, and - evidently - your plans. Chances are extremely good that you never bargained for finding yourself in the row that you've quite suddenly found yourself hoeing. Particularly when bad news lands unexpectedly, the worst possible time of for it to land in would be midlife. At the same time, for any number of reasons that we could discuss at length at another time, midlife presents the largest possible target for bad news of any other period of life. So, unbeknownst to you, while you've been working very hard to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement, diversions, distractions and drama - bad news - has been carefully drawing a bead directly on your best-laid plans.
What were your plans over the last five years? Did it include career advancement? Salary increase? Investment opportunities? Travel? Vacations? Advanced education for you or your children? A new car? A new home? Maybe all of these? If you're like most reasonably affluent people, your future fit into a more-or-less neat equation: hard work + sacrifices + wise choices = security for you and your family. And also, if you're like most people, you woke up one morning to find that those rules that you've been relying on all this time suddenly no longer apply. Don't you hate when that happens?
It certainly doesn't make the situation any easier to bear to hear me say to you that the situation you find yourself in today was the result of a set of naive assumptions on your part. Learning about those assumptions inflicts a painful and expensive lesson. Planning for the future may always have been important to you; critically analyzing your present condition may have been much less so. The whole global economic bubble that just burst was based on unexamined assumptions. These big assumptions that drove the global markets were based on much more modest assumptions that, over the long run, caught every last one of us in their trap. The big assumption was (and still is) that quiet, steady, orderly growth is the default. It's the assumption on which most people build everything: including our sense of security. What life, the universe, and everything has to teach us boils down to this: quiet, steady, orderly growth throughout the universe is truly exceptional. What we think of as 'security' is, in universal terms, a freakish anomaly.
The world situation today does not represent a diversion from the norm. Rather, what we're experiencing right now is the norm. The bill of goods that you and I were sold about the June and Ward Cleaver existence that would reward a life of hard work and dedication has proven many times over to be a fraud. Yet that is the paradigm set with which you and I were equipped to head out into the world of our career, our family, and our sense of self-esteem. What's happening right now is not a diversion from the way things are supposed to function. In fact, the illusion of security is the diversion: for far too long it has diverted us from our real vocation: to be adaptable, responsible, humble citizens of the universe.
Midlife presents us with the perfect opportunity to lay aside our illusions and take up our true vocations. What, for too long, we've been dismissing as 'diversions' and 'distractions' to our lives has been, it now appears, the real deal. Here's an example that I believe most of us can relate with. Say your with a corporation (as owner or as employee), and your business is faced with a tremendous challenge that could mean a lot to you and to your fellow-workers. Especially if you sense that your future depends on the outcome of this project, you very likely devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to it to make sure that you did all you could do to bring about success. Perhaps you even got short with family or friends who suggested that you were neglecting them. Fast forward a little while, and you're standing there outside of the door of the company with a pink slip in your hand, or with a "For Sale" sign on the darkened business door. How 'critically important' does all your hard work and dedication appear then?
Midlife transition represents the opportunity to reevaluate what's really important to you before your life has the chance to devolve into the chaos and drama that inevitably surrounds the breakup of your personal, private universe. That universe was always only partly real: the rest was a fiction you were taught by the cultural forces that surrounded you or the wishful thinking that permeates the universe that Madison Avenue wants to sell us (with a frightening degree of success). In that universe, there's an assumed contract: IF you do such-and-such, THEN you will receive so-and-so. In the universe of wishful thinking, if you work hard and don't get your 'dues,' then you've been cheated. You can rightfully consider yourself a victim of whatever powers spoiled your fun.
In the real world, no such contract exists. You come to learn that your life is whatever you make it and your intention to do the right thing counts more than any trophies on your shelf or in your bank account or portfolio. In a well-managed midlife transition, you leave the dreamworld of security behind you and embrace the uncertainties of a destiny and a purpose that's seldom if ever really clear to you. After all, just as what you thought of as 'distractions' were really the essence of your life, so where you end up in life has little relevance compared to the integrity with which you accomplished the journey. In the real world, there are no victims and no need for drama, except for those who have surrendered to the illusion that victimhood has somehow become their fate. If you can do it well, the midlife transition will ultimately teach you in the most realistic possible terms what "The Universe is unfolding as it should" (from Desiderata) really means.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cinderella's Sister Korean Drama Soundtrack is a Masterpiece

Music is one of the most important part of a Korean drama. It is called a Korean drama OST and also formally known as original soundtrack. Each of these OSTs have a distinct sound that often allows people to remember the drama, the feelings, and emotions that were felt by a character. And Cinderella's Sister OST is no exception. Cinderella's Sister OST is perhaps the best soundtrack that was ever created for any Korean drama. It's a masterpiece.
Cinderella's Sister is a Korean television drama that depicts the story of Song Eun Jo, Cinderella's evil stepsister. The drama tells you about Song Eun Jo's challenging life, influenced by her mother who cons and steals from other people. Song Eun Jo and Hong Ki Hoon fall in love for each other but they conceal their feelings for one another.
The most popular main song of the soundtrack, which is the opening track, is called "It has to be You" which was sung by YeSung from K-pop group, Super Junior. The ballad was #1 in online music sales in from late April to early May 2010. It also gained popularity in ringtones in Korea. The lyrics to this tune describe the romance between Song Eun Jo so well. It begins with the lines "Today I am wandering in my memories again, Standing at the end of this road, You are holding onto me even though I cannot see you again, Once again I'm stuck on this road again." On June 4, 2010, YeSung had a special on-stage performance on KBS's Music Bank television show for this unique song.
The second track is called "Calling Out" and was sung by Luna and Krystal from K-pop group, f(x). Once again it describes the relationship between Song Eun Jo and Hong Ki Hoon and Eun Jo's love for Ki Hoon. The lyrics begin with the words "From the strong loneliness, I woke up, Because I was picturing you smiling, I smiled too without even knowing." The song seems to describe Eun Jo's feelings after Ki Hoon left for eight years without even saying goodbye. The song continues with "My love disappeared like this again." This song has also gained huge popularity in May.
In addition to these two tunes, "Smile Again" by Lee Yun Jung and "Save My Love!" by Pink Toniq also brought some attention with its up-tempo beat. "It was You" by JM is also a good song that fits well in the television series. With such powerful acting from the stars and a solid soundtrack, it's no surprise that Cinderella's Sister is among the best Korean television series in the past couple months.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Light Pink Lip Gloss - More Popular Than Ever

Invented in 1930 by Hollywood make-up artist Max Factor, lip gloss is one of today's best-selling cosmetic items for women. Light pink lip gloss has been a staple in every woman's makeup collection for decades. The lustrous finish and subtle hint of color that lighter glosses give to the lips have made it one of the most coveted and essential beauty products of our time.
The most popular shades of gloss are in the pale pink family. Women love pink lip color! A light pink shade can be universally flattering.The range of pink lip color tones available from today's cosmetic companies make it easier for any woman to find the shade of pink that flatters her complexion in the most attractive way.
Why Does Light Pink Lip Gloss Have Such Appeal?
Women who love lip gloss always look for that one sheer low-maintenance formula they can apply quickly and easily. Dark lip shades are not as low maintenance, so light colors are chosen for their simplicity of application. Here are several reasons why light pink lip gloss is such a winner at the cosmetic counter:
• It provides a fast, fuss-free application compared to darker shades 
• Pink lip color signifies youth and innocence 
• Wearing pink makes a woman feel feminine and pretty 
• It gives a youthful appearance to the face and works as an everyday wearable color

There is a Gloss Formulation Suitable for Every Woman
• Sheer- Sheer lip formulas are favored by women who want the most fuss-free application and subtle appearance of product on their lips. The sheer formulas can include lip balms, juicy tubes, and clear lanolin-based moisturizers for the lips.
• Opaque-These formulations contain a greater amount of color pigmentation; like applying a melted lipstick to the lips. Women choose opaque formulas for the full-color effect combined with the allure of a glossy finish.
• Shimmer-Soft shimmer formulas add beautiful sparkle and dimension to the look of the mouth. The light catches on these shimmer particles and draws attention to the lips. Shimmer formulas never scream for attention. They speak softly in a come-hither way. Very seductive!
• Metallic-Strong metallic lip color is for drama and sexiness. Metallic lips are hard to ignore and many women use metallic lip formulas for that fabulous femme fatale look.
The Benefits of Using Lip Gloss
Not only do women use gloss as a beauty-enhancer, there are other benefits as well.
• Moisture- The biggest benefit to wearing gloss on the lips is for the moisture content it provides. Nothing feels worse than dry, chapped lips. Gloss on the lips feels soothing and comforting.
• Sun protection-Cosmetic companies understand the importance of using sun protection on the face. Many lip products today contain S.P.F. ingredients which protect sensitive lips from sun damage.
• Lip Plumping-These are products that contain special ingredients that cause an expanding effect on the lips. Women with smaller lips love products like these because it gives them the appearance of fuller, sexier lips.
Women Go Gaga For Cosmetic Packaging
Cosmetic companies know how to make women go weak in the knees with fabulous packaging. Lip product packaging has become an art unto itself. There are containers shaped like jewelry, cell phones, cupcakes, fruit pies, and high-heeled shoes.
We can wear lip glosses hanging around our necks as a necklace, or on our wrists as a bracelet. We can spend a dollar at the drugstore for cute plastic packaging, or break the bank buying gold, gemstone encrusted "status" lip products. However you look at it, one thing is for certain; women are crazy about lip gloss!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse Review

Half a century later and Barbie continues to captivate little girl's hearts everywhere.
And just when you think Barbie has set foot in all the lovely houses out there, comes along the Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream TownHouse, an extravagantly decorated, luxuriously furnished townhouse set in luscious classic Barbie pink.
Pretend play and role-playing have never been this fun with the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream TownHouse. It's not just your regular doll house. This one has fully-functional lights and real sounds on each level. Barbie's delightful domain is adorned with classy chandeliers, a fireplace, tiki lights, and a refrigerator-all of which wondrously light up as if real.
The sounds, on the other hand, include the ringing of the doorbell, the roaring and crackling of the fireplace, the kitchen timer, the toilet flushing, and even Barbie "humming" in the shower as well. Together, this play of light and sound adds a nice touch of realism to the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream TownHouse.
The townhouse really is a haven fit only for Barbie. She surely has never felt this pampered and regal. The townhouse is so fully-equipped and well-stocked (the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream TownHouse comes with over 55 various pieces and accessories), you'd wish it were a real house you can live in instead. But for now, Barbie reigns here, and she loves it.
Perhaps, the classic Barbie pink color says it all: posh, dainty, luxury, drama, and free-spirited fun. Little girls will have countless fun with their favorite Barbie dolls as they waltz inside her humble abode, complete with an enchanting fireplace, pop up flat screen TV, a canopy bed, a lavish bathroom, and even an outdoor whirlpool tub for entertaining her guests.
And because Barbie deserves it, there's a pink personal elevator too, (which goes up and down at the pull of a string), so she can breeze into any room in her townhouse all she wants.
The Barbie Pink 3-story Dream TownHouse is every little girl's wish. Elaborately-detailed and elegant, the townhouse is where your little girl can fully fulfill all the wonderful stories she and her friends have been crafting about Barbie's luxurious lifestyle and vibrant spirit. Barbie can play hostess and whip up nice dishes for her guests, hang out with them at the outdoor spa, watch chick flicks with them in the entertainment room. Or if she'd rather be alone, she could snuggle up with her favorite romance novel on her comfy bed fit for a queen. Who knows, the doorbell just might ring as Ken drops by, flowers hidden at his back for surprise.